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Sep 23, 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Elegance Unites: An Evening of Legends and Impact.


Join us for a black-tie affair. Connect and engage with Atlanta's cherished community Legends, as together, we weave a tapestry of change. Your presence and participation will ripple into something greater—a profound impact that leaves a lasting legacy. 

Proceeds from this memorable event will benefit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, contributing to their mission of fostering healthy, safe, and resilient children. Join us as we celebrate hope, community and the Legend within us all.

You can learn more about the work they are doing here.

Raising Resilience
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What We Do

At Legendary Impact Foundation, our mission is to develop a resilient community by strengthening families and fostering meaningful connections.


We strive to empower individuals, families and local organizations to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities, and build a brighter future together.


Through our unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact, we aim to leave a lasting legacy of strength, unity, and compassion for generations to come.

Fostering Unity, Celebrating Legends: Together in Community


Let's stay connected! 

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