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We’re Sarah and Lewis Lampley: parents of three radiant boys in Atlanta, GA.  We’re all about spreading light and highlighting human good in a difficult world. And we know what it’s like to need light to move through unimaginable pain. 


We lost our fourth son, Legend, when I (Sarah) was 38 weeks pregnant. I delivered him when he was no longer alive. I almost died too, but his position in my womb saved my life. It was a day of miracles and soul-shattering heartbreak. (Read “Our Story” here.) 


All five of us have been grappling with our grief and learning how to turn our pain into purpose. It hasn’t been easy, but hope, courage, and helping others have been necessary for us to heal. So has the kindness of strangers and friends. 


Named after the precious son we’re without, the Legendary Impact Foundation is birthed out of our grief and joy. We’re a safe haven for sharing personal stories of hope and resilience. And we offer community to help you transform your pain into unforgettable impact. 

Thank you for your interest in The Legendary Foundation! Please fill out the information below and we'll be in touch soon.

We'll be in touch soon!

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