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Our Story

Meet The Lampleys


We’re the Lampley Family - Lewis, Sarah, Lewis Jr.,

London and Leo. Our family has a passion for people, connection and Jesus. In the midst of our most tragic season we decided we wanted to grieve in a way that would bring healing, hope and comfort - by giving back to others.

That’s when the calling to create LīF came to life.

We hope that you can be inspired by our acts of kindness, for we know that through one small offering of compassion, a larger impact can be made. We believe in building resilient communities so that all generations can be impacted for years to come! 


Let’s make a legendary impact,


The Lampleys
Legend's Legacy

In September 2021, I was 38 weeks pregnant with our fourth son. His name was Legend. Our family was beyond thrilled to add another Lampley to our household and another boy at that. I was getting ready to bring Legend into the world but suddenly our whole world came crashing down. 


On September 28th, 2021, my water broke and something went terribly wrong. I was rushed to the ER in and out of consciousness and after the doctor's life-saving skills, we received the painful news that Legend was gone. Our sweet baby boy no longer had a heartbeat. 


We were speechless. We couldn’t understand how this could happen. We couldn’t understand WHY it happened. That day in the ER was the worst day of our lives. We lost Legend and I almost lost my life. The doctors said Legend’s position inside my womb prevented me from dying. That day, he was not only my baby boy but my hero. A legend without even knowing it.


After a few days in the hospital and on our ninth wedding anniversary, we drove home with an empty car seat — to share the devastating news with our three other boys. It was beyond anything we’d ever imagined we’d have to do.


In the midst of the grief, I still had to endure postpartum. I was suffering and didn’t want to toss out my breast milk, so I turned my pain into purpose and donated my breast milk to research and mothers in need. 


This offering graced my grief with joy. 


All five of us have found resilient healing in helping others. God’s strength has helped us continue loving people because of who and what we’ve lost. We’ll never forget the kindness of strangers and friends. In offering kindness, they provided us hope. 


No matter what you’ve been through, we want to provide you with hope too. That’s why we’re sharing our story with you. It’s why we’ve named this foundation after the legacy of our son: Legend Lampley, a light in the darkness and our little hero. 

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