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Resilience: Your Story

Imagine turning your pain into purpose...

Most of us have painful memories in our past — a traumatic event, heartbreak, being bullied, rejection, abuse, etc. We often hear how important it is to move forward, but that can feel easier said than done. If you’ve been hurt deeply, you may not be free of old wounds. We believe true freedom from difficult experiences requires courage to embrace what happened to you and use it to help change the world. Life shifts when you can recall your most challenging moments with gratitude instead of bitterness because they have led you to your purpose.​ No matter what you've been through, you can turn it into something beautiful.

We want to invite you into a community that believes in the power of stories. A place to share, grieve, and find the resources you may need for your process. A place to build hope, strengthen your resilience, and hopefully begin to heal. We are just getting started but your story and vulnerability can help us create this community we are dreaming of. Please take time to read the other stories, and when you're ready we would love for you to share your own.


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